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So like I said, I’m pretty new at this advertising thing; very much the junior. I’ve been interning at an agency for about a year before getting offered a paid job within the same agency. Things went along swimmingly: telling interns what to do, writing your first produced ad, having your very own chair! Hot-diggity what heady times they were for me.

So anyway, our agency had a lot of government work going on. You know, the usual web copy, digital strategies and creative concepts that are so bound in red tape that even Bogusky would just suggest ‘shelving it’ to the client and piss on their feet. Plodding through my student email, I came across an email from QLD Youngbloods (get involved) pushing their Blood Transfusion night. Basically a Gruen Transfer style night hosted by industry folk, judging advertising youngens’ attempt to answer the pitch that they had set (Sell the 11pm lockout to young people).

Long story short, I mentioned it to our CD/the boss and he wanted us to get behind it. After a little thinking, I came up with 2 ideas and we ran with them; one playing on the insight that bogan dickheads come out late at night after drinking Bundy all night at home in Strathpine and the other that if you stay out too late drinking, yo dick won’t work when you get home.

I thought the first idea was a little better, more on brief I guess and something that everyone could understand. I drew up some storyboards for the 1st concept and we actually shot a TVC for the 2nd idea in about 30 minutes one Friday after work. I was fairly happy with both ideas. Come the night of the event.. well… let’s just say I got really drunk and had a little too much fun.  I spent way too long explaining my storyboarded concept and had a CD from Engine Group  have a go at me about being something (my money’s on dickhead/wanka combo) and somehow managed to drop the C bomb about 7 times during my explanation. Thumbs up.

Anyway, my 2nd idea won, I got a trophy and a meat tray. Shit was cool, I met a lot of great people, drank a lot of beer and had a blast. Get behind youngbloods if you’re keen on getting into advertising because they do amazing things. Anyway, here’s the video. Probs NSFW in terms of content but it’s just a sausage so chill out Bob from accounts.


Written by Michael Beveridge

October 26, 2010 at 8:20 am

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