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So for the first semester of 2010 I went on an exchange over to Cal. State University, Chico. I don’t remember a whole lot but I came back 15 kilos up, 10 grand down and with an other-worldly appreciation of chilled out, party prompting hip-hop. Now those that know me know that hip-hop isn’t my forte; I grew up a Fat Wreck teen through and through. But living the Nor. Cal lifestyle for 6 months was just such a head spinner and, in running with the whole new school, new city, new country, new hemisphere mindset, I figured I might as well try and re-invent myself for the sake of fitting in and making friends. Cue first month in town and I’m listening to riddams in my boy Logan’s house, listening to a bunch of guys and girls discuss the intricacies of NoCal Kush over BCBud and how the Golden State Throwback swingman jersey was the sickest thing around (of course in XXXL). I was so far out of my comfort zone that the only thing that held it all together was a background soundtrack of lazy hip-hop that just perfectly grabbed and squished into aural format the Californian afternoon. The lackadaisical beer pong Sunday jammed together with the idle Thursday hoops session. Never a stress, never a concern and never a moment without this soft-edged “this is what you are up to now” hip hop coming from the speakers of someones pick-up truck. Now someone send me a case of Sierra Nevada Blonde so I can listen to this and play X-Box.


Written by Michael Beveridge

October 26, 2010 at 4:34 am

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