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So we’re creating a online video ad for a charity client. Basically a call to action for donations over the Christmas season. The idea is a stop motion of a Christmas tree growing up out of dollar coins; not terribly creative but everyone keeps saying ‘accountability’ when other concepts get brought up so I guess it has to do.

So anyway, we dont have the budget to use a production company, hire equipment or any of that so we have a studio set up in the office over the entire weekend and are now into about hour 20 of shooting. Sweet shit, if I had known that stop motion was going to be so relient on non-Michael J. Fox-esque people I would have suggested that no one drink the nights before the shoot. So far we’ve lost 6x 45 coin high Christmas trees and even with about $1000 worth of coins, we wouldn’t have had enough for the swear jar. Blu-tac, Liquid Nails, Aroldite, Hubba Bubba.. if it is sticky we’ve tried it. Backs are aching, eyes are bleary and we’re all getting pretty sick of me imitating the sexy sax solo from Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street.

We’ve got a new intern in here who’s been committing a fair bit of time to the project which is always good, and the rest of the team have donated their weekend time to getting the job done which I suppose is generally the way in these charity passion projects. Hope it doesn’t fuck up!

This is an early shot, we’re using 2x 550D’s I think.


Written by Michael Beveridge

November 14, 2010 at 10:27 am

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