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2011 has ticked over and, hopefully, it’s going to be a big year for me. For once, I’ve gotten fat and I finally understand what it’s like to make a new years resolution. I’ve made them before but usually it’s things like ‘Never stop kegging’, screamed into my friends face as we pour beers onto our heads. Cool guys. Anyway, things at the agency are hopefully going to be kicking into 3rd gear and I’m hoping that I’ll be getting more creative responsibility after getting a few decent client approvals while the boss was away.

Hopefully, we’ll also be seeing a new creative agency starting up around the corner that I’m heaps excited by. A really cool bunch of guys have an awesome opportunity to start creating some amazing stuff for the 18 to 30 market and hopefully I’ll be able to help them out.

What else.. I dunno. This year I discovered that I have tits so that’s really all I want to get rid of. I say that if you’re a male and you don’t have breasts, the world should pretty much work itself out.

Oh and did I mention that I decided to go to fucking Emerald for Christmas? Fantastic move. We decided to go up to a small town near Cairns for a family thing and it was pretty ok. That’s until I decided to take mum’s week old Mercedes 4wd out for some circle work in a paddock after a carton of VB. Apparently I lost the bumper somewhere along the way so 9am the next morning was a pretty trying time for me. I might add that this was in an enclosed army barracks over Christmas so no one else was around. I was never sure how they figured it out until I realised that my uncle was taking the family on helicopter rides around the area and my “absolutely piss poor” circle work was as obvious as a pube in soap. So my gift for Christmas was a $2000 bill for rippingg off the front bumper. And my other Uncle Frank pointed one of these at me after a bottle of rum. Fantastic holiday, would take again: 8.8/10


Written by Michael Beveridge

January 1, 2011 at 8:30 am

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