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When I hear future creatives, young and old, talking about making money and pushing 7 figures and all that cheese, I wonder what they’re doing getting into copywriting or art direction. Talking about investing in property, percentage returns.. it just bums me out. I grew up in middle class family, started out poor but got comfy by the time i was 13. Never had the Ritz but always had food to eat, a good school to go to and backyard to play in. If my life was to be about accumulating currency then I would have got into real estate or finance or something soul destroying like that (I speak like advertising is the bastion of high moral ground) and made a bunch of $$$, bought a BMW, worn my shitty plastic leather loafers to Friday’s and shot myself in the dick whilst basking in the adoring stares those 3 18 year olds give off to you as you top up their flutes with Queen Adelaide Sparkling White.


But seriously. We’re here to create good shit. Not earn big shit. I’ll sleep on the skint smiles of a great project over the heartless high 5’s of a big commission. Creatives aren’t perfect (and we’re not poor) but i hope that we have loftier goals than waterfront views and 12 wank-laden cylinders.


Written by Michael Beveridge

January 18, 2011 at 3:21 am

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