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Done and dusted. Not entirely happy with my portfolio but I think that’s because it looks like a dead 3 year old did the art. I went with super simple concepts, hopefully the judges over at SapientNitro see this through the scrawl of ZOOM crayons. The brief itself was mega-broad, say this is comfy, that will make you strong, fill in the blank etc. It was so broad that, initially, that’s what got me off guard. Am I supposed to just make a print ad for these? Is that all you expect? Or am I supposed to blow you away with my totally integrated iPhone app that syncs with web banners through QR codes to load an augmented reality geo map thing on my wizzle wazzle? At first I thought, “fuck it, print ad’s will be sweet”. But then after chatting to other applicants, I figured that the best medium was the one that best represents your idea, so I chucked a print ad about the protein powder and a TVC LA-Z Boy. I wish I had time to photo copy my portfolio before I sent it off, I can’t even remember some of the copy. Anyway, time to de-stressand take a god-damn drawing lesson.



Written by Michael Beveridge

January 31, 2011 at 6:42 am

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