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I didn’t get into AWARD school so I went swimming with my friends.

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We did a triple flip and I felt a little better about everything. Our email server at work broke at 5.30pm on Friday, the day the emails were sent out saying whether you got in or not. I was a ridonkulous stress-ball all day and I was dying by 5.30 so when I learned about our tech issue, I just called Sapient and asked directly. Being told you didn’t get into something that you wanted so badly is pretty gut-busting, most of us can relate to the feeling. What are we supposed to do? The young and naive; brought up thinking we can achieve anything that we want, that we just have to go for it and blah blah. Thanks Mum and Dad, I didn’t get into fucking NIDA and now I didn’t get into AWARD school. I was 19 then and now I’m 24. What’s the difference? It sucks just as much now as it did back then. I put in just as much effort, worked just as hard. So what now? The answer comes down to one thing. Knowing what you’re capable of. The worst thing a creative (in any field) can do is start doubting themselves. I read a great quote on Junior that said, “..Because the moment you start doubting your creative ability is the moment your ideas will start to dwindle.”

When I was 19, I doubted myself. I failed at getting into an acting school, so I decided that I mustn’t be a very good actor. I put too much value into the opinions of others and never sat down and realised what I was capable of. I tripped over and I never got back up. 5 years later, I’ve tripped again. This time, I’m going to get back up. I’m not going to assume I’m not any good, not going to let rejection get me down. In this field, we’re all going to get a lot more let downs then hands up, and if we can’t handle that then we’re probably not cut out for it. Keep going, grab a graphic designer and get your portfolio better than ever, register that domain name you’ve been thinking about. Maybe not getting into something can be the best thing that has happened for you.

But that’s just my opinion, I know you have your own and trust me, you should listen to it.



Written by Michael Beveridge

February 14, 2011 at 1:15 am

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