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Shit makes diamonds. It also causes earthquakes. Some shake, some make.

I’m in the process of writing up our pitch to a client for a big account and, as Tupac would say, it’s all eyes on me. Our creative director is away and that leads me, somehow, in creative control of a $500.000+ account.

Terrifying. Awesome. Stressful. Terrifying. Awesome. Repeat.

The pressures on right now for me. I’m getting to realise that 9 to 5 doesn’t exist in this field, and if it does, you’re either brilliant or you’re not working hard enough. I started writing this on a Sunday over a bowl of Fruit Loops at the office, trying to figure out any kinks in my creative pitches armour and not get sucked into the face numbing

“maybe it’s not that great of an idea after all…”.

The creative’s cancer. Self Doubt. Erring on the side of caution. Pulling back the reigns.

It sucks. It happens to me all the time. Every time I sit on something for too long, I feel like I can smell smoke. It’s a make or break moment that requires all of that bravado that creatives need. Not outward bravado, but inward:

You know your shit. You trusted your judgment last week. Don’t be an asshole to last week’s you; just roll with it.

Wish me luck, deadline in T-Minus .. actually I sat here and tried to count backwards but I’m terrible at math. Deadline is COB Wed.

Kill it.


Written by Michael Beveridge

February 21, 2011 at 5:03 am

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