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One of my favorite blogs is The Denver Egotist. It’s got some amazing editorials, continuously updated quality content and a great sense of community spirit. Today, I was going through the blog on my Google Reader account and came across a post about a ‘hipster trap‘. Have a read over it and then come back here.

This sort of shit disappoints me, especially coming from the creative communications community. And it’s not the execution, I think that it’s a little funny. It’s the comments that come from it. The sort of blind following of a shitty status quo that leads to a hate mongering culture towards those that fit the hipster bill (read: most young people that look somewhat alternative). I’ve copped shit from a bunch of mid to senior creatives because of the way I look, and it just becomes draining to have to worry about how you’re going to be perceived in an industry that supposedly judges you not on the cut of your clothing but of the chutzpah in your creativity.

Wah wah call the wahmbulance I’m sure you’re thinking, but the fact of the matter is that the best young minds in creativity are probably going to be coming from this ‘hipster’ aesthetic. If this kind of shit is going to continue, they’re going to be driven away from advertising and we’re going to miss out on a very skilled, driven, dynamic and creative boat because we just cant stand the way that they wear their jeans.

This is all a little convenient Michael, you might be thinking. You’re a text book hipster doofus: long hair, tight jeans, blog, stupid tattoo’s. You’re just writing this to protect your own interests.

Fair call,  But here’s the thing. The guys that are going to hire you are probably thinking just the same about you. Jeans too tight.. hair a little quirky.. is that a tattoo on her wrist?..  got their own blog… This little shit’s a hipster. Next please.

The lines are being blurred now so that the regular guys who decide to give skinny jeans and maybe an MGMT T-Shirt a go are being lumped in with the elite V5.0 hipsters who ride their fixies in the shower and blog about vegan cupcakes from their moustache macbooks. If we don’t stop this, we’re going to be the ones that will suffer, because in the big picture, we’re all a little hipster. Think about it. Your mates studying engineering or science. Your mates doing trades or apprenticeships. You’re a little different aren’t you? We study/work in media for fucks sake. That pretty much makes us hipsters to the rest of the world anyway.

Experienced advertisers, don’t just jump on the culture bashing bandwagon. You’re bigger than that (plus EVERYONE’S doing it). If you want some of the best young creative talent to want to work in your agency, don’t subscribe to these shitty norms. Make everyone feel accepted and try not to let something different to yourself annoy you that much.

Unless they have a fucking curly moustache.


Written by Michael Beveridge

March 15, 2011 at 6:30 pm

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  1. Hi.

    Would you be interested in cross-posting this piece reacting to the hipster trap on our site? We found it pretty interesting and thought it might get some good discussion going. Hit us back, if so.

    – TDE

    The Denver Egotist

    March 17, 2011 at 4:37 am

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