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Hey you young punk creative! You digital? Yeah I bet you are. Always trying to come up with ridiculously sexy integrated mobile and digital campaign ideas? Taking Foursquare log-ins and tying them with and layering an augmented reality program on top and baking it in a micro(wave)site? Well listen up.

The market ain’t like us. They don’t care about a new social media platform that links people on their accounts. They don’t want to know about a new Twitterfeed that syncs up with your bowel movements (your shtwitter feed, as it were). They are simple. They are sometimes boring but, unfortunately, they are your market.

Yes, it’s our job to be forward thinking in terms of our creative but just remember; no matter how you sugar-coat it, our job is to sell shit. Keep that in mind the next time you you’re coming up with a game changing social media app that only 7 people will use (and they’re all in your agency). Let me infographically explain:

Twitter, Foursquare, QR Codes, Instagram… we all did this stuff first. We’re part of a very handsome group called Early Adopters and, due to our jobs being based around finding creative opportunities in media, most people within the ad world tend to fall into the Early Adopter bracket. Only problem is that we’re not advertising to ad people (Yes media people, we get it, you do advertise to ad people. Good for you.) We’re advertising for the rest. The Early and Late Majority. The ones that get stoked on the fact that “Their phones ACTUALLY know where they are… How do they do that??”. The ones that use Facebook for like.. I dunno, maybe an hour a day tops? The ones that read about lolcats in the Courier Mail. They’re behind when it comes to digital, and it’s because of this that you’re going to have to make sure your digital thinking is in check with where your markets digital abilities lie.

(Note: This being said, go crazy with your digital thinking when you’re trying to hook a job. It’s the crazy thinking that gets you jobs and grabs a CD’s attention. You go QR code the shit out of the Chatroulette based Mobile app for your iPhone6. Go crazy.



Written by Michael Beveridge

June 10, 2011 at 9:13 am

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