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So it’s finally come. You’ve put it off for way too long and, lo and behold, you have a meeting with a potential employer in the morning and they’ve asked for you to bring some examples of your work.


Wouldn’t it be great if you were one of those slashies? You know.. those copy-slash-designer dudes? Then you could just come up with a bunch of sick ideas, whip them up, chuck them on a portfolio site (probably using ‘coding’ or something) and show up to the interview having already been given a new work email because you’re so awesome and the interview is actually just a reason to perfect your high 5 with your new bosses and laugh at the other applicants portfolios.

Well that ain’t me man. I can’t draw a line and sodoku for beginners is more code than I can handle.

So here’s my hot tip: Do your fucking portfolio now and stop reading blogs. Seriously. The day you start it is the day you start your legit creative career. And from the moment you start, it’s only going to get better. You’ll have somewhere to put those cool ideas, you’ll have something to show to that girl that works for Leo Burnett that you met during a Tuesday night drinks session.

Get all Nike on that shit and just do it.


Written by Michael Beveridge

July 26, 2011 at 5:59 am

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