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So I’ve just woken up after my first judging weekend for the BADC Awards. I’m definitely worse for wear, I’m missing half my big toenail and last night I ate more mussels and drank more delicious Belgian beer than any junior should.

I was in charge of looking after the digital judges (which involved sitting on a couch watching 4 guys sit on a computer for 5 hours) and the whole weekend was just a great indicator of the resurgence in Brisbane’s advertising industry and it really showed in the quality of the work. I obviously can’t say who got what, but let’s just say that Brisbane advertising is doing a great job.

And sweet shit, the people that I met were just ridiculous. CD’s from all over Australia, Art Directors and Writers that are dropping amazing stuff like it ain’t no thang and younger guys that are just blowing up.

Meeting these sorts of people (and more specifically having 40 beers with them at the judges dinner) is just about the best thing a junior can do to in terms of getting yourself noticed by the top guns at the big agencies. If you’re not getting involved and helping out the industry that you want to be a part of, why the hell should it give you a hand?

Get involved, get noticed.


Written by Michael Beveridge

September 4, 2011 at 5:33 am

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