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We were reading an article that, overall, was insinuating that the current generation of young writers were capturing a global societal mood, a zeitgeist if you’ll allow the wanky term, in a way that was (possibly) going beyond rekindling the ‘up’n’atem’ spirit of post-war Hemingway or post-depression Steinbeck. It was a great read, and it would probably be useful if we could remember where we read it. The article was saying that, in an era of luxury and privilege for the white middle-class, it was refreshing to see that real core values about the state of the world were being addressed and that Generation Y where finally pulling their socks up and addressing the problems of the world in a voice that hadn’t been heard before. After all, Gen Y has seen progression never before experienced in other generations, right? It was an interesting article, and it was quite a coincidence that we stumbled upon this video simply dubbed, “Greatest Speech Ever”. It seems that the current issues of the world aren’t that new, and that some comedian over 70 years ago can write a speech that wouldn’t feel out of place if given today (or any time in the future). Watch this and be inspired. Go hug a dog or paint something.


Written by Michael Beveridge

March 6, 2012 at 2:58 am

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