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We were reading an article that, overall, was insinuating that the current generation of young writers were capturing a global societal mood, a zeitgeist if you’ll allow the wanky term, in a way that was (possibly) going beyond rekindling the ‘up’n’atem’ spirit of post-war Hemingway or post-depression Steinbeck. It was a great read, and it would probably be useful if we could remember where we read it. The article was saying that, in an era of luxury and privilege for the white middle-class, it was refreshing to see that real core values about the state of the world were being addressed and that Generation Y where finally pulling their socks up and addressing the problems of the world in a voice that hadn’t been heard before. After all, Gen Y has seen progression never before experienced in other generations, right? It was an interesting article, and it was quite a coincidence that we stumbled upon this video simply dubbed, “Greatest Speech Ever”. It seems that the current issues of the world aren’t that new, and that some comedian over 70 years ago can write a speech that wouldn’t feel out of place if given today (or any time in the future). Watch this and be inspired. Go hug a dog or paint something.


Written by Michael Beveridge

March 6, 2012 at 2:58 am

Hey AWARD School

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Your follow up emails telling me that Ad School classes are starting are like little knife twists in my already stab-wound addled body. Ease up Tesha, I’m still trying to move on. Every time I see an email from you I think it’s going to say, “YO YOU MAD FUCKING COPY DOG, SOME DICKHEAD KILLED THEMSELVES AND YOU NOW HAVE A SPOT! FUCKIN DEFAULT MOTHERFUCKER!!! DEEEEEEFAULT!”.

So yeah.

Written by Michael Beveridge

February 29, 2012 at 11:03 pm

I’m a professional.

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Somehow (I think it was via a Mashable article) I found that Facebook, via a partnership with some printers in the UK, were doing a bunch of free business cards for the first 200,000 Facebook users that wanted them. Being that I’m fairly cheap, I thought I’d give it a go.


What to do if you’re a copywriter on Valentine’s Day.

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So I get paid twice monthly, once on the 15th and again on the 30th. As you know, Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th, and needless to say I’d spent all my money on shiny buttons and doo-dads by the 12th, so my girlfriend’s chances of getting a fancy gift come the 14th were looking slim.

“But Michael!”, you shout, “Why didn’t you plan ahead?”

Because I’m a big ol’ salty dickhead, that’s why.

So anyway, I was tapping away at work, doing something when a brief landed on my desk asking to promote an ‘Ultimate Couples Retreat’ for a fancy 5-star resort client.

Long story short, I figured out a pretty nifty way to answer the clients brief whilst also giving my girlfriend a pretty cute Valentine’s Day present.

Full page, inside front cover of 250,000+ circulation weekend newspaper. Successful man is successful.

Oh yeah, needless to say she’s neither Cleopatra or Juliet.

Written by Michael Beveridge

February 14, 2012 at 2:27 am

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Creative Technologist, what do you do?

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Great interview I found over at the SF Egotist. Solid explanation of what creative technologists get up to.


MDavid Low is Eleven’s new Creative Technologist. What is a Creative Technologist? What does a CT do? How do they help the creative process? If you’re wondering any of those things and more, we talked to MDavid and got the answers.

Our readers have probably heard of a creative technologist, but can you explain a little more what your specific roll will be at Eleven?
My main job is to further drive digital solutions across multiple projects. So I also help oversee the planning, concept development, and design of digital projects. I work as a sort of liaison and translator between the design and development teams, while overseeing creative on digital work and ensuring the right technology is used to achieve the best solution for our clients.

Where in the creative process do you come in? Do you start at the beginning and make a traditional 2-person creative team a 3-person one?
I spend most of my time in the concept and prototyping phase of projects, ensuring that digital aspects of the project are considered early and planned for accordingly. As projects evolve, I work to ensure the digital components of the campaign or platform align, and tell a cohesive story with all other brand communication efforts.

The Bay Area seems to be such a hub for both creativity and new technology. What companies are merging the two better than anyone else?
Startups and the smaller/scrappier companies are my favorites. Currently really digging the local SF output of Posterous, Voyurl, Obvious Corp. (, SFHeat, Kicker Studios, Adaptive Path and Method. I really enjoyed the piece Odopod did recently for Tesla motors. The entire interactive display store experience was really crisp and translated very cleanly online, creating a complete experience for the fledgling electric car brand. Juxt Interactive has also been putting together some tight transmedia packages. I found their project “The Hunt” particularly interesting. IDEO and Frog Design are always a great source for inspiration as well.

Why Eleven? What made you say “This is the team I want to join”?
Independence and culture. At Eleven both are a huge part of who they are as an agency. The culture at Eleven is very open, receptive, and eager to learn. For a creative shop, that’s rarefied air.

Personally, what’s your approach to creativity? How do you like to operate?
Be contextual, keep moving, and constantly try to dismantle my perception of the problem. I like to listen and watch. You can learn infinite amounts about a problem or situation if you just shut up and listen.

What recent idea makes you say, “Damn, I wish I’d done that.”?
A couple of great examples come to mind: Frog and Intel’s work on shopping experiences, IDEO simplified banking, W+K’s live response campaign for Old Spice,, VW Fun Theory, Jay-Z’s Decoded project with Droga5, and I absolutely LOVE the Mini Getaway.

What are your thoughts on new advertising technology like Foursquare or Augmented Reality? Is it an exciting thing or are we in danger of falling into the technology-becomes-the-idea trap?
I think it’s a super exciting time. New tech gives us new forms of communication, but we should never ignore the fact that the consumer is in full control of adopting the new forms. Tech should never drive or create the idea; it should be a core part of the communication structure, but not what the communication is based upon.

What’s the one technology you’re dying to incorporate into advertising for a client? What untapped tech has the most promise?
I think the best new tech on the horizon is near field communication (NFC) devices. When mobile devices have wide spread adoption of NFC capabilities it will really change the way we can interact with, and learn, from the consumers. Imagine a shopper being part of a stores membership program. As they enter the store, that shoppers’ phone becomes aware of inventory in the store (new to the shopper since their last visit), and is able to push out personalized suggestions and incentives to the shopper.

For current creatives or current tech people who are interested in becoming a creative technologist, what advice do you have? What should they be thinking about and learning?
Get hungry. Creatives: learn to program, learn the tech. Technologist: start drawing, building, making. Both: get involved. The CT role is a hands-on role that has to interact with all aspects of a project. Be a jack-of-all-trades.

Give us three tips that every creative could benefit from.
Take the time, do the research, make it contextual.
Look for the clichés and blind spots in the problem.
Remember that sometimes the seemingly unbroken aspect of a brand or problem can hold some of the most ample room for improvement, change or innovation.

Written by Michael Beveridge

September 20, 2011 at 4:28 pm

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God damn.

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Written by Michael Beveridge

September 9, 2011 at 6:17 am

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BADC Carnage

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So I’ve just woken up after my first judging weekend for the BADC Awards. I’m definitely worse for wear, I’m missing half my big toenail and last night I ate more mussels and drank more delicious Belgian beer than any junior should.

I was in charge of looking after the digital judges (which involved sitting on a couch watching 4 guys sit on a computer for 5 hours) and the whole weekend was just a great indicator of the resurgence in Brisbane’s advertising industry and it really showed in the quality of the work. I obviously can’t say who got what, but let’s just say that Brisbane advertising is doing a great job.

And sweet shit, the people that I met were just ridiculous. CD’s from all over Australia, Art Directors and Writers that are dropping amazing stuff like it ain’t no thang and younger guys that are just blowing up.

Meeting these sorts of people (and more specifically having 40 beers with them at the judges dinner) is just about the best thing a junior can do to in terms of getting yourself noticed by the top guns at the big agencies. If you’re not getting involved and helping out the industry that you want to be a part of, why the hell should it give you a hand?

Get involved, get noticed.

Written by Michael Beveridge

September 4, 2011 at 5:33 am